Why NATO DEEP ADL Portal? 

NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program Advanced Distributed Learning Portal is a platform for exchanging knowledge and generating ideas related to distance learning, and the popularization/ promotion/ dissemination of ideas. The DEEP ADL Portal is intended to be a comprehensive solution that does not only allow deeper cooperation within the programme, but also influences its popularization/ dissemination and thus increases the reach of the programme. At the same time, it creates a compendium of expertise in the use and/or implementation of new technologies for distance learning on-line education and training.

The Portal has been expanded with video conferencing functionality to enable direct interaction between tutor and students. 

 NATO DEEP BigBlueButton is the primary NATO DEEP virtual platform for video conferencing.

Last but not least, the motto of the NATO DEEP ADL Portal states that the teachers and instructors will not be, and should not be, replaced by e-learning platforms. But those who don’t use e-learning platforms, will be driven out by those who are creatively using them and adjusting to the demands of the new learning ecosystem.